WP Ride Booking is one of the best and easy to set up taxi booking plugin for WordPress websites. Now-a-days, online taxi booking is trending so we developed this plugin to meet the demand of the growing taxi booking market. It calculates distance between two locations on the basis of Google Map API distance calculation.

It’s a powerful taxi plugin with the necessary features to set up an online taxi booking system. Your customers can choose their preferred vehicle and plan the route for their trip as well as calculate the distance and fare. The total fare for travel booking is based on the total distance and per km/mile rate.

The main highlighting feature of this plugin that sets it apart from other taxi booking plugins is WooCommerce compatibility. Yes, it means you can use all the features supported by WooCommerce in this plugin. By using this plugin, you can give customers the flexibility to apply coupons and easily pay via all the payment methods that the WooCommerce plugin supports.